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VENTURE CAPITAL AND ANGEL FINANCING :: You may be considering venture capital or angel financing as an option for growing your business.  These areas tend to be less familiar to small businesses than bank loans, credit cards, or supplier credit programs.  There are advantages and disadvantages to seeking out angel investors or venture capitalists that you should consider before proceeding in this direction.  There are also significant pre-qualification issues that you should take care to address.  The Forbes.com Primer on Venture Capital provides good introductory reading.  Following are additional links to help you explore this area further. 

ACE-Net.  The mission of Access to Capital Electronic Network (ACE-Net) is to allow individual accredited investors, SBICs and institutional venture capitalists to find small, growing companies through a secure Internet database, and to provide ongoing training and research to enhance the business skills of entrepreneurs and small investors.  In addition, ACE-Net seeks to provide the premiere clearinghouse through its network connections to expanded capital opportunities.
An Investigation of Venture Capital in Women- and Minority-Led Firms  This study (October, 2001), sponsored by the SBA Office of Advocacy and the National Women's Business Council, examines the extent to which women- and minority-led businesses are utilizing equity capital, and whether or not there are disparities in the amount and timing of venture capital.  The study concludes that while some progress is evident in recent years, there is still a long way to go in terms of opportunities for, and use by, women and minority firms of venture capital financing.  .
BizFin.com.  This is a business & finance website to help entrepreneurs bring capital and deals together.  Assists businesses in getting their deals financed by reviewing deals, preparing cogent synopses, and helping clients getting synopses  in front of accredited Venture Capital companies. If you don't have the time or experience to write a cogent synopsis that features important information that venture capital companies will be looking for, this company offers a service that will prepare one for you.
BusinessPartners.com is a global Internet based service that connects Entrepreneurs, Early Stage Companies and Established Corporations with Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Corporate Investors, Potential Partners and target data on Mergers and Acquisitions. Use this site's Capital Source database to search for prospective investors and their investment criteria.  You can also post your business plan here.
Capital Growth, Inc. is a news collection, publishing and consulting business which provides a monthly publication on news and information in private equity markets and information on growth company financing. 
The company publishes Capital Growth Interactive, a monthly newsletter on private capital deals and resources, available in print and online.  Also publishes the Annual Guide to Entrepreneurial Venture Financing, an annual compilation of business advice articles from various independent sources including a listing venture firms and l their completed deals. 
FundingPost.com.  The mission of this company is to showcase entrepreneurs to interested investors, while increasing their exposure and shortening their time to capital. FundingPost.com presents Venture Capitalists and accredited "Angel" investors with an opportunity to review quality deal flow that matches their criteria. 
IRA Network is a national association of industry resource professionals that provides business planning, business development, and capital resource assistance. IRA Network provides consulting services to assist businesses in gaining access to angel investors, venture capital firms, merger and acquisition professionals, incubators, service providers, CEO's and other business deveopment and financing intermediaries.
Regulation D Resources provides Regulation D Offering preparation, support, and marketing assistance to entrepreneurs and growing private companies.  This company assists with proper transactions structuring, investment documentation, and guidance in marketing  offerings.  Visit the Reg D Program Basics area of this site to learn how this government program can play an important role in raising capital for your company.

Seed Capital Network, Inc. is a company that introduces entrepreneurs to wealthy, private individuals who belong to the Network’s client-investor pool. Seed Capital Network provides an internet based investment matching service that makes fast, confidential link-ups between entrepreneurs and interested investors.

MoneyTree Survey.  This survey measures cash-for-equity investments by the professional venture capital community in private emerging companies. This is an industry- endorsed survey that provides a comprehensive report on venture capital investing in the U.S.  Hosted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
vcaonline.com.  A B2B Internet-based marketplace for the venture capital and private equity industry.  This site provides a venue on the Web for connecting entrepreneurs, investors and advisors worldwide. vcaonline.com also publishes a venture capital directory on disk (VCPro Database), and offers a selection of venture capital resources and timely industry news to entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Vcapital, Inc., an Internet-based private capital and professional services network, and Broadmark Capital Corporation, a full-service investment bank and brokerage operation, recently merged to form a national, full-service investment bank focused on private and public emerging-growth technology companies. The new company will operate under the name Vcapital until future acquisitions and a new corporate name is announced. To read more about the Vcapital merger, visit http://www.vcapital.com/Links/vcapitalMerger.
VentureOne is a venture capital research firm which offers investors, service providers, and entrepreneurs comprehensive information on the venture capital industry. The company's products and services help venture capital firms, corporate investors, investment banks, and accounting and law firms identify private investment opportunities, perform due diligence, and evaluate market trends, including company valuations and industry preferences.
vfinance.com is a global portal for companies in need of capital and for private investors seeking quality deal flow. On this site, you will find a selection of FREE investment banking and venture capital resources, as well as premium services designed for serious investors.   Visit the Venture Capital Resource Directory for a comprehensive list of venture capital firms in the U.S.  Also, use AngelSearchTM to prospect for  information about potential Angel investors.


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